Welcome to the next installment of our journey as we introduce an exclusive showcase aimed at thse amongst you who enjoy music and socialising.

Leading shoreditch Brand Throwback has teamed up with Rollercoaster, Jungle Ambassadors from Brixton, to supply you with a New Years party you won''t forget.

This EXCLUSIVE gathering ONLY hosts 150 people... yes, thats right, JUST 150 people can attend this event.. and you can ONLY attend if you buy your ticket at least 48hrs in advance..

Heres a video from our last party

This our 2nd event of 2017 in London. An idea that was born out of a team desire to host parties that remind us of the music we've grown up on and will probably love until the end of time. 

Each event is different and our resident DJ's spend minium 2 months thinking about the set that they are going to play. We were tempted to define ourselves by a genre of music, but we just can't, we are eclectic, we are Londoners and we know how to party! 

That's as deep as it gets!

On this occasion, our reunuion falls on St Patrick's day, an irish holiday that tends to get everyone's drinking game up!

Resident DJ's from the Rollercoaster stable supply the music playing the BEST in old and new London-music

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On this occasion we have:

International Jungle legend Kenny Ken will be doing an exclusive reggae set at this event. He will be playing "big people's reggae", artists such as Sugar Minott, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown to name a few, all music that he grew up to, which later went on to inform the seminal Jungle music that he is so well known for today. There will also be some of Kenny's latest Jungle Dubs, So this is set you DONT want to miss!!!! (Can you tell we are excited?)

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Co-founder of Rollercoaster, Darren will be playing some of his faviour music whichw ill be a mixture of Soca, Britney Spears, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and whatever else he dreams up. Darren sees his music craft as apsychological experiment, always aiming to please those in the room to the max.
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The music industry is at a lull currently with the same tunes being churned out like a conveyer belt of prepacked, easily disposed of beats. So it’s always great when one comes across a musical genius, David Broome AKA Dj Blacklist is bright, energetic and full of passion about his craft. He is an international DJ who has played the likes of Thailand and Hong Kong as well as Egypt and Morocco. So how has this talented young spark stayed so underground for so long? We don't know, so we've got him back to play a Mix of Old Skool Jungle and Popular chart music

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DJ Needlez
Warming up with the soulful flavours of Deep and Funky House, Needlez influences were House, Garage, RnB, Hip hop and Jungle Drum n Bass. He has smashed the turntables at his residency in Northamptonshire at Club Venus for 3 years, played Drum n Bass in what is now Esylum in Northampton which got him noticed by Mix Mag in 2008 and adopted Hard House into his skill set and played at 414 Brixton. He returns to London with a bang on Friday 17th March to drop a deep house and Funky Set, so come on down and catch him!

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There will be live PA's from vocalists:

DVSMC performing 'number 1 baby' & 'Betty'
MC KID, performing "Need a girl' and '333 again'

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This is a members-only venue, so if your name isn't on the list, you will NOT be admitted to the venue

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If you're name isn't on the list for this VERY excluive party, you won't be getting in

Dresscode: Ladies & Gentlemen

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There will be NO tickets or payments on the door.

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