Rollercoaster: Reloaded

Saturday 21st April



East London


Tired of the same old Jungle events with the same old vibes?


Join the Rollercoaster massive for a night of energetic dance music. There will be some oldskool hardcore, proper old skool jungle, more jungle, classic dnb tunes and fresh releases from ki. People of all types, including doctors, dancers, mommies & daddies, cabmen, managers, administrators and psychologists on site, dancing away and socialising with like-minded people. Everyone basically just gets gatted and jumps about to the music. It is quite a lot of fun.. Join us for dance


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DJ’s supplying the music on the night will be


Dr S Gachet

The old Skool legend, one of the original DJ's from AWOL parties and an inspiration to top DJ's such as Andy C. Gachet will be giving us a taste of the future mixed with music he has loved from the past. Watch out for more on Gachet.


Interview with Gachet from 2016 when he returned to the game



Multiple Award-nominated Jungle/DnB MC, part of the founding RollerZ crew from 2001. On this night DVS will perform some of his popular songs including 'Betty', '249', 'Ridigading' and 'South London'. DVS is known for hosting sets with the dancing folk in mind and the beats controlling the vibe.






Bonnie Blaze

Old Skool and upfront Jungle from Bonnie. We first discovered this gem of a DJ in 2006 when we received a mix tape from her that was one Jungle banger after another. She has gone on to feature at top raves and festivals. Featuring at events such as Moondance, expect fluid mixing and solid track choice from this professional deck technician.



A creamy mixture of breaks, UK Garage, popular dance music tunes and even a bit of Michael Jackson for the groovy dancers amongst you



Set full of tracks that are forgotten gems that you wish you heard more of or perhaps You've never heard before. Few well known dance floor hits thrown in for good measure but be prepared to be hit with surprises.



Vocal Hosts all night will be: