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Email: darren@thedarrenshaw.co.uk

Who is Darren Shaw?


I am an experienced Life Coach that uses a range of approaches and methods to help people get to where they want to be in life.


I recognise that once you have been a certain way for a long time, it can become difficult to know how to take control of your life, so that you can reach your full potential and be the best you can be.


I use tools and techniques that help you to find the best solution for you, in a way makes you even more passionate about what it is you are after.

What others think


In the time that I have known Darren Shaw, we have had many NLP sessions where Darren practised a range of different techniques. I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial & also enjoyable.


As a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner Darren is always very successful in changing my perception of an issue and in finding new ways in which to deal with situations. I know him to be a perceptive and positive individual who's motivation is to help others to better themselves, and I would highly recommend him. "





Darren seems to know exactly the right questions to ask to come to the right conclusions. I went to him with what I thought was my biggest problem! but by the end of the first session my problem was the one that id been using the other problem to run away from.


Once we knew what the main problem was we were able to tackle it step by step, one step at a time. I think that anyone that is stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating and is doing more harm then good and cant seem to stop it should definitly see Darren Shaw."





Random stuff he says... sitting here planning my next six holidays! The man's inspirational. Get him, pay him - and reap the rewards immediately, that's what I say! Big love Darren Shaw!





Darren is very devoted and passionate about helping people with life change. When observing an exercise given at his workshop he has the ability to react very quickly to any problems people have and comes up with very good strategies straight away and finds solutions. He is genuine in passing on his great knowledge onto those willing to listen. Darren doesn't only teach at his sessions. As soon as he spots someone having a problem or struggling with something in life , he is ready to react to that person's need in a very kind but often playful way, depending on situation.






I attended another of these workshops. Some of the techniques he showed us I seemed to already be using in my life but was not aware of this and how used daily can have quite an impact and well our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Something else pointed out is how important our words are and the impact it has on our psyche, such as in my case how I always use "but", and changing that one little word to something like "and" actually made me feel lighter.


If you are struggling in any way in your life whether it's reading that book you've had on your shelf or have a project you keeping putting it off, Mindtransformers can teach you techniques to make those necessary changes and bring about awareness.


Azita H

Darren is a great teacher /helper/ person / he helps and teaches sincerely from his heart he is a great soul to be around and he gives life changing advice and encourages you to achieve your goals






I've experienced an NLP and a hypnosis session with Darren Shaw and found both incredibly useful; already I have gained better perspective and new attitudes towards the difficulties I was facing, and not only did I take away a positive attitude but I really enjoyed myself. I thoroughly recommend Darren and his services to anyone looking for support with making useful changes in their lives.






A Darren lo conozco hace 3 años, estudiamos juntos, he visto en el un conpañero de estudios excelente en el que se puede confiar ya que Por su manera de ser y Por sus conocimientos para en mi especial es un gran amigo, al que le agradezco mucho Por todas las ayudas que me ha brindado. Con el puedo contar siempre ya que me motiva para que siga adelante con mis estudios, cuando no entiendo algun tema, el siempre trata de explicarme de la mejor manera ya que es un excelente profesor y muchas veces me da consejos personales los cuales me ha ayudado a ser mejor persona.


Steph from Ecuador




I have managed to transform my life,and to be honest you helped a little with some of that chats we have had,was you that taught me about NLP and since then I have been fixing myself and growing as a person so big up,I highly recommend you as a teacher.